Wednesday, December 8, 2010

YouTube Background Tutorial

Step 1
Open the .PSD file I have included with this tutorial. In the "Layers" area near the bottom right you should have two folders and a layer. Click the Eye next to all the layers to hide them for now. Create a new layer by clicking the little paper looking icon and drag it to the Bottom of the layers list. This will be your background and be underneath all the other layers.

Step 2 Select the Gradients tool (normally in the sub menu to the Paint bucket tool, click and hold to reveal the sub menu). Click the thumbnail gradient at the top left to reveal the gradient settings window. Around the gradient preview you will see 4 small arrows, double click the bottom left and input the colour code (#0500d9), click OK. Same again with the bottom right arrow and input (#090040), click OK when finished.
Step 3
Hold shift and drag a line from top to bottom of your canvas. Release shift and your mouse button and you should be left with a Gradient effect across your canvas.

Step 4
From the main menu select, FILTER > DISTORT > WAVE. Now input all the settings from the image below.

Step 5
On the main menu again select, FILTER > DISTORT > POLAR COORDINATES. Follow the settings shown below in the image and press OK.
Step 6
Now you should have a sunburst effect on your canvas. On the layers area re-enable all the layers by clicking the small box next to them showing the eye. Click the folders to reveal the layers inside and change these layers to an opacity of 10% each. Opacity setting can be found just above the layers.

 For the average user, most would see any content placed inside those 2 left and right sections down the sides. Any futher out than that and most would not see it unless they have a bigger monitor. My personal laptop is 15" screen and can only see content put inside of those sidebars otherwise its off the screen and not visible so please keep this in mind when adding content ontop.
 You can now create more layers and add in the content you want to the sidebars because you've successfully completed this tutorial!


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