Friday, December 10, 2010

Photo Manipulation - Hair Color Tutorial

Step 1
Open an image that you would like to manipulate. In this case we are going to use a photo of a girl with fine hair. Duplicate the layer, place it on the top and ensure you are working on the duplicated layer through the rest of this project.
 Step 2
We will use the pen tool and create paths around the area we would like to manipulate.
Step 3
Lets work on one side of her hair. This way we can compare what we have done with the other side. 

Step 4
We will now apply hue/saturation to our image. To show the a huge change, I will be using a very funky color. 

Step 5
Make sure you click on colorize and use whatever color setting you like, below is an example of what I will be using. 

Step 6
After you press 'OK' this is what we get with hue/saturation. Now its not that pretty but we will fix that to make it appear much more natural. But first lets add some more depth to the colour.

Step 7
Adjust the brightness and contrast with the settings below.
Step 8
Now adjust the color balance to your likings. I will be using these settings.
Step 9
Now that we are done with the adjustments of color with her hair. We would like this to look much more natural. Do this by selecting the eraser tool with a fat brush size and gently go around the highlighted color. Keep in mind that we still have the original layer below. Your results should look similar to my final piece.


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