Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The enchanted forest- Fantasy photo manipulation

My first fantasy photo manipulation, so bear with me! . I wanted to create a fantasy tutorial, but lacked the idea. Finally i ended up with this result. I dont really like it but i hope i can get good feedbacks and suggestions my future tutorials. So, help me?

1. Open the background , resize it.

2. Open the model stock. I use pen tool to extract her out and move into document. The bottom of background is dark and her dress is very long so we dont need to make shadow under her. We will make some things to make her look realer later.

3. Create a new layer, i use clone tool to fix her hair, check "Sample All Layers" on property bar. Now it looks more natural. To use clone tool, you can search for my retouch tutorials or on the webs.
4. Make a new selective color layer:
Reds: -70,-49,64,0
Yellows: 14,9,44,0
Greens: 35,21,46,0

This step is to make color of model more suitable to background.

5. Create two new layers, grab a selection with Elliptical Marquee tool on the first:
Choose Edit-Stroke:
 Choose second layer, click Marquee tool, then right click the selection, choose Make Work Path with tolerance =0.5

 Choose brush 6 px, hardness 100% with settings:

 Choose Pen tool then right click the path, choose Stroke Path:

 Right click it again, choose Delete Path we have:


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