Friday, December 10, 2010

Flying Superman Cartoon In Your Town

Step 1
Create a new 800x600 RGB file with white background and insert your picture of your flying character. Make sure it has transparent background as we will be adding your town picture in the background. You can do this by tracing the image with the pen tool, load the selection and deleting the background. Here is my picture of Superman and a Toronto Skyline. 
Step 2
Now add the layers to one file. Label one Superman, label the other your town name.
Step 3
Create a duplicate layer of your town by selecting it and hitting "command J" on your keyboard.

Step 4
Now go to filter > Blur > Radial Blur with a Zoom amount of 70. 
 And your image should look something like this.
 Step 5
Duplicate all the Town layers and merge the duplicated layers together.  

Step 6
Take the merged layer - make sure it is above your original Town layers and go to Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges.

Step 7
After the Poster Edges effect, we will Adjust the Brightness & Contrast with the values: Brightness Value: 10 Contrast: 30.
Step 8
Now we will do an artistic cut out effect to give it that cartoon look. Go to Filter > Artistic > Cut Out. After you are done this make sure the Cartoon town layer is set to 90% opacity.
Step 9
This is what you get. 

Final Result..
Using the techniques you just learned you can play with your image and using your imagination come up with your own creative ideas. Such as this ...


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