Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Digital darkness

Create a new document of any size, for this example l will create a document that is 1024x778 - for a standard desktop background. Fill the background with black (#000000).

Create a new layer. Get out the rectangular marquee tool, and make a selection like so near the bottom left corner (region) of the canvas:
 Press CTRL + D on your keyboard to deselect the selection. And go to Filter->Distort->Wave and apply the following settings:
 Go to Edit->Transform->Flip Horizontally

Press CTRL + E on your keyboard to merge these two layers together.

Press CTRL + J on your keyboard again to duplicate this layer.

Go to Edit->Transform->Rotate 90 Degrees CW

Press CTRL + E on your keyboard to merge these two layers.

You can repeat last step a few times if you wish, however at this point l simply used the crop tool, found a section of the design that l think looked nice, and cropped it out for a banner background. Here is my final result after adding a simple panel border:


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